We don’t brag much. We don’t boast about completed projects. We probably should. Heck, we know our portfolio needs updated. We try to keep our pride in check. But allow us to reflect for a moment as we hit a milestone – our 500th blog post!

500th Blog Post Graphic

Who knew there was that much to write about! Stephen started sharing summaries of TIAK board meetings with members. Then it was summaries of conferences for colleagues in smaller offices that may not have had it in their budget to go to conferences. Those were shared via email. The first blog post online was a post about character.
“I like that actually,” reflected Stephen. “At the core of every person is their character. No matter the marketing skills, if the person lacks character or integrity, people will not find them trustworthy and they’ll not find the sustaining success. It’s good to remind myself of that every day.”
Stephen’s favorite post? “I don’t know that I have a favorite. There are definitely a couple memorable posts mainly because I get frustrated, climb up on a soapbox and vent, I mean, preach. ‘Stop It’ is the first to come to mind. I wrote that out of frustration that people keep social media outlets connected and tweets say “(brand) posted a picture on facebook…” Seriously, stop it. Disconnect your social media channels!”
Today there’s twice-a-month tips on social media, email marketing, marketing in general, customer service, and more. Daily, the BTY team gathers great reads on those subjects and tourism best practices and compiles them into a blog post. We like to think of it as we’re doing the Google Alerts for you.
Those daily posts are what helped reach the 500-post milestone. We reflected on our 300th just last May. In case you’re wondering, at this rate, we should hit 1,000 by mid-2020.
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Thanks for reading. Off to write 501, 502, 600, 750…