When it comes to email marketing, you know how valuable your email list can be. But coming up with new ways to get people to sign up for your emails isn’t always easy. Three other times we shared tips to grow your email list. 12 the first time. 6 the second time. 12 the third time. We’ve gathered 8 more tactics to grow your email list.

Whatever methods you use, be sure to start with a reason “why” someone should join your email list. What’s in it for them? This will make it more likely that people will say yes. Now to the list:

  • Run an in-store raffle. Raffle off a prize your customers will love and collect email addresses in the process.
  • Run a Facebook Sweepstakes. With social campaigns from Constant Contact, you can run a contest on Facebook and collect email addresses in the process.
  • Start a loyalty program. Look for ways to reward your customers and grow your email list in the process. When they redeem the card of 9 punches for the free coffee, require an email address.
  • Start a birthday club. Create a club to help celebrate your customer’s birthdays and grow your email list.
  • Run a local deal. If you want deal buyers to come back after the deal is over, you need to make it easy for people to join your list.
  • Ask when someone redeems an offer. Testing your luck with one of the big-name deal providers? Don’t forget to ask new customers to join your mailing list when they redeem the offer.
  • Offer a coupon on Facebook. Who doesn’t love a coupon? You can use social campaigns from Constant Contact to offer a coupon to encourage fans to join your email list.
  • Offer an incentive to your employees. Get your employees excited about growing your email list. Offer a prize to the employee who collects the most email addresses.

There are a lot of measurable benefits of email marketing. Of course, we recommend that email marketing be an important part of your marketing mix – not the only ingredient in it. However, if you’re not incorporating email into your marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a number of benefits that can improve your overall sales and user engagement for a very low overhead cost and, in many cases, a very limited amount of time and effort. If you’re not continuously adding contacts to your database, you’re missing out on a way to grow your business.

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