Customer service is at an all-time low and customer satisfaction in dealing with a product or service issue is just as low, about 40 percent. Two of three consumers are likely to experience rage during an interaction with a customer service rep. In addition, 63 percent of consumers are likely to experience no satisfaction whatsoever in dealing with a product or service complaint. For retailers the outcome is not good as it is putting about $202 billion in revenue at stake and can slash consumer repeat business and loyalty to shreds.


So with so much at stake, let’s improve your customer service!

5 Traits That Reveal a Customer Service Mindset

Experience in customer service and knowledge of basic principles of customer service is a good start, but you should also look for certain personality clues during the hiring process to ensure that everyone who works in your company has the right mindset.

Better Business Bureau offers tips to keep customers coming back.

Customer service is not just in-store any longer. It’s online so take in these 5 Tips For Delivering Exceptional Customer Service On Social Media

Businesses should not be thinking of their social media channels as publishing platforms but tools for engagement, content sharing and customer service. The article above has some tips to excel at customer service on social media.

Not every customer will tell you about your poor service or air their complaint to you. Here’s why: ‘I Hate Your Customer Service (But I’ll Never Tell You That)’

Another perspective on complaints and how to reduce them: 4 Tips to Reduce Customer Service Complaints in B2B


And another great read from Micah Soloman: Streamlining Yourself Out Of Business: How Customer Experience Efficiency Can Alienate Consumers

Finally, always fun to read perspectives of customer service from real examples: Is Your Customer Service as Good as Amazon’s

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