Each week, we read a number of articles on from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:


We start with arguably the biggest news in customer service this week – Amazon Go’s cashier-less grocery. What does it mean for customer service? Craig Johnson with good insights.
Solid Customer Service Should Appear Effortless, Exceptional
The objective is clear: Deliver service to your customers with vigor and intent with the objective of making the experience so exceptional that your competition pales in comparison.
How Customer Service Can Turn Angry Customers into Loyal Ones
Harvard researchers found that prompt and personal customer service does indeed pay off —  customers remember good and bad customer service experiences, and they’re willing to reward companies that treat them well.
For Better Customer Service, Offer Options, Not Apologies
A researcher says apologizing is often counterproductive and that offering customers different possible solutions is usually more effective. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.
When all else fails, Help Even When You Can’t Help: A Customer Service And Job Satisfaction Principle

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