Each week, we read a number of articles on from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:

Unknown6 Examples of Good Customer Service (and What You Can Learn From Them)

“Learn from the best?” The author gathered six examples of good customer service from real brands and how you can apply them to your own strategies today.

And sometimes you learn from mistakes… a businessman shares three recent experiences that made him question about The Lost Art of Customer Service

The How-To: Delivering Great Customer Service

Five key points on how –and why– to improve your customer experience.

How Startups Can Get Better At Customer Service

Whether a startup or you’ve been in business for three generations, the article above shares three keys to improving customer service.

And sometimes when the s**t happens, take the lead from ShowPo founder Jane Lu who opened up about their customer service nightmare.

The founder of popular online fashion retailer ShowPo recorded a brutally honest video in which she talked through their customer service nightmare.


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