Each week, we read a number of articles on customer service from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:


Really, Hal Becker asks the ultimate question – why is customer service so hard when it’s so simple?

With the right strategy and ongoing training, along with easy but effective implementation, any company can provide award-winning customer service and get its customers not only to come back, but to talk about how great the company is.

In addition to Becker’s tips, Three Practical Methods To Boost Consumer Experience Marketing

Companies recognize the importance of creating a compelling consumer experience within their digital marketing strategy. But many quickly realize that a start-to-end consumer experience is complicated to implement and that consumers are becoming harder to impress.

Four Key Trends in Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer service isn’t an optional extra these days. As customers, we chose to contact businesses at the time, and on the channel, that best suits us.

In the end, we’re all trying to keep up with Chick-Fil-A and they just Upped Its Customer Service Game

Who are the top 20 companies for customer service, okay, other 19. We know Chick-Fil-A is at the top. Readers Digest with the list.

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