Customer service is at an all-time low and customer satisfaction in dealing with a product or service issue is just as low, about 40 percent. Two of three consumers are likely to experience rage during an interaction with a customer service rep. In addition, 63 percent of consumers are likely to experience no satisfaction whatsoever in dealing with a product or service complaint. For retailers the outcome is not good as it is putting about $202 billion in revenue at stake and can slash consumer repeat business and loyalty to shreds.


United Airlines made headlines this past week with their customer service fiasco. Johnathan Lansner opines that with the United, Chipotle and Wells Fargo fiascos, the art of customer service is dying.

We’d suggest it’s not dead. Here’s four great reads to help improve your customer service and keep the art alive:

Customer service: Seven Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

Every consumer is different, and dealers’ approaches to serving them vary, but Debbie Kirlew outlines the fundamental practices to improve your customer service

A Quick Guide to Winning at Customer Service

Good experiences can make your business a success. The article above has a few ways you can win at customer service.

Is Your Customer Service Department Prepared for Today’s Consumers?

Keeping your audience happy means handling customer service challenges before they develop. Besides, bringing joy to customers is — and always should be — the name of the game.

“I’m Sorry”—The Two Tragically Forgotten Words In Customer Service

The author, a self described “high maintenance customer” and a customer service trainer, offers companies simple advice.

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