Customer service is at an all-time low and customer satisfaction in dealing with a product or service issue is just as low, about 40 percent. Two of three consumers are likely to experience rage during an interaction with a customer service rep. In addition, 63 percent of consumers are likely to experience no satisfaction whatsoever in dealing with a product or service complaint. For retailers the outcome is not good as it is putting about $202 billion in revenue at stake and can slash consumer repeat business and loyalty to shreds.

Only three good reads on improving customer service but three very good reads!

The Future Of Customer Service: Five Consumer Trends And Best Practices

Is it time to retool your customer service and customer experience approaches in order to keep up with today’s consumer trends?  Consider the five developments discussed in Micah Soloman’s article above.

Why Generation Z Wants Only Perfect Customer Service

You can still make Generation Z your customers – (the above article shares) how:

Identifying Your Signature Service

Signature Services are specific know-how, competencies and/or offers that you, your team or your business bring to your audience.

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