Each week, we read a number of articles from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:

UnknownCustomer Service Lessons Learned In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

A natural disaster brings an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to customer service while learning several invaluable lessons in the process.

10 Lessons From Dogs About Customer Service

Want to kick your customer service up a notch? Gather some inspiration from your canine companion.

The Customer Service Secrets That Keep The Inn At Little Washington Thriving After Four Decades

Some of the insights gathered into what it takes to survive, and thrive, decade after decade, in a customer-focused business.

Improve Your Customer Service Today: Seven Action Steps

Seven action items that will make a difference in the quality of your customer service and customer experience, and can ultimately improve your bottomline results.

How Poor Customer Care is Harming Your Business?

The blemish of negative service reaches beyond a single customer or employee to include your full staff as well as existing and potential customers.

Humanizing Customer Service

An overview of how beneficial adding a human touch to your service can be and a few simple things you can implement.

6 Rules for Meeting Millennial Customer Service Expectations

To capture the enormous purchasing power of millennials and Gen Z, you need to shift your style to match the preferences of these young consumers. It’s time to drop the phone and take up the social media mantle.

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