Two hundred and forty-seven million. Look at that number again: 247,000,000. “Yeah? So? What’s that number mean to me?” you ask. That’s the number of people that listen to radio every week. Think about that: 247 million people listen to radio EVERY WEEK.

There’s this perception that all the newer digital audio services outrank radio. Nope. AM / FM radio reaches more Americans each week than TV, Smart Phones, personal computers, internet connected devices, or tablets (Radio Advertising Bureau).

“OF COURSE radio reaches Baby Boomers! We grew up on radio! What about those pesky kids and young adults?” Yep. Radio reaches them too! Check out this data from the Radio Advertising Bureau on the weekly reach of each age group: 18 – 34 year olds, 91-percent; 35 – 49 year olds, 94-percent; 50+ year olds: 91-percent.

“OK, well, what about those smart speaker things like ‘Alexa’? Aren’t they taking away from radio?” Actually, they’re HELPING! According to a 2018 Jacobs Media “TechSurvey,” 26-percent of smart speaker owners use it to listen to a music formatted AM / FM radio station; and 16-percent use it to listen to a news/talk formatted AM / FM radio station.

I share this with you as a reminder that even with all the “shiny new toys” out there vying for your advertising and marketing dollars through digital reach, “Old School” radio not only reaches MORE, it can ENHANCE whatever you’re doing on the digital side.

That being said, there’s ONE QUESTION that ANY advertising you do needs to answer. Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and answer their question, “What’s in it for me?” Ask yourself how your company’s product or service is going to make your customer’s life easier or better. If that message is relevant to the consumer’s needs and desires, and is done with enough consistency and frequency, the reach of radio as shown above WILL WORK!

Quentin Sawatzky, Certified Radio Marketing Specialist Bott Radio Network, 405.521.1793 or 405.317.8511