Email marketing is consistently ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment. 68% of companies rate the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. (1) For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. (2) Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (3)

With those strong numbers in support of email marketing, use these tips to start, revive, or improve your campaigns.

The 5 Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great marketing strategy to build a long-lasting relationship with a customer. Want to send emails that deliver success every time? Read the five golden rules of email marketing.

How to Build a Great E-mail Marketing Strategy

You need to start developing effective e-mail marketing strategies for your business. In the post above, the author shares some powerful tips on how to do that. Pay attention, note down, and most importantly – implement.

8 Email Marketing Tips Every Email Marketer Must Read

Radicati has estimated that an incredible 120 billion business emails are sent and received each day, which means marketers need to stand out by creating personalized email marketing campaigns.

The Top 5 Ways to Trigger Better Emails for Content Marketing

Content Marketers who are not taking advantage of automated, triggered emails are missing out of an incredibly powerful way to optimize their audience acquisition efforts. Consider the 5 uses in the article above for trigger emails that can help you optimize your audience acquisition.

How You Can Build An Email Marketing List and Start Making Sales

In the article you will learn how to utilize email as a marketing channel in four key steps: Acquiring quality email addresses; Types of emails for digital businesses; Increasing email open rates; and Writing good copy and inspiring actions.

6 Cold Email Secrets Revealed

Getting a response (to email) is harder than ever, which is why so many experts assert that nowadays, cold pitches are worthless. But reaching out to people cold does still work — if you do it right.


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