Each week, we read a number of articles on email marketing from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

All You Need To Know About The Basics Of Email Marketing

Great explanation of the virtues of implementing an email marketing strategy, how to analyse data from your emails to simplify your marketing strategy, and what actionable takeaways you can use to create value for your customers through email marketing.

How to Launch Your First Email Marketing Campaign and Get the Results You Want

Good read on how to launch your first email marketing campaign, which will boost engagement for your company and its sales.

Attention Email Marketers: 5 Things You Must Never Neglect

Five things that email marketers must not neglect if they are to get the conversions they seek.

Top 10 Email Spam Trigger Phrases to Avoid in Your Marketing Efforts

The article breaks down the top ten spam trigger words to avoid in your emails. “You want every email your marketing team sends out to count, to give your business the best possible chance at increasing conversions.”

The 80/20 Rule for Email Marketers

(Did you know there was such a rule for email?) For email marketers, the rule applies quite obviously in some areas, and more subtly in others. The article takes a look at some examples, and sees what it means for those of you out there trying to do more with your email marketing programs.


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