Each week, we read a number of articles on email marketing from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Email Marketing 101: What You Should Know About Subject Lines, From Lines, and More

Tips to maximize email marketing with the highest return on investment of any form of marketing — for every $1 spent on email, you’re getting about $38 back.

To help you, a review of Top 5 Email Marketing Tools For Every Business

We believe you should just look at the #3 option…

A Primer on 3 Types of Email Autoresponder Campaigns

Get the skinny on different types of campaigns you can run so you can choose the best one for your marketing goals.

If you’ve been hearing about GDPR and the doom and gloom for email marketing, it’s all okay. Here’s Nine Top GDPR Tips for Email Marketing Strategies

The first one is the most important – Don’t Panic!

If you’re in the retail sector, this Infographic – How 100 of the Top Retailers Engage Shoppers In The First 45 Days – is in depth, but some great data to review.

The article is a summary of an email study. Coherent Path purchased from 100 Top retailers to evaluate top email trends and the types of emails that retailers are sending to their new customers.

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