Email marketing is consistently ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment. 68% of companies rate the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. (1) For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. (2) Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (3)

Unfortunately there are a lot of myths about email marketing. We start this week busting 19 of those myths: Email Marketing Myths BUSTED

Now for the trends. Email Marketing Trends Taking Place Right Now

Additionally, How Are Email Marketers Planning To Innovate In 2017?

What’s on the minds of email marketers in 2017? Several organizations have released studies recently on various aspects of email marketing.  The author found a treasure trove of meaning in responses to the single question: “How do you intend to innovate in 2017?” The article above has the highlights.

58% of Marketers to Increase Spend on Email Marketing in 2017

A new survey of both B2C and B2B marketers found that email is the channel in which more than half will increase investment this year, followed by social pay-per-click.

3 Tactics to Solve Your Email Marketing Woes

Audit your (email) strategies and alleviate the most common pain points that make email marketing so tough. The article goes through three.

Is The Easiest Way to Improve Email Marketing Also the Most Under-utilized One?

One of the simplest tactics to drive increased customer engagement, and revenue, from your email marketing is also the most underutilised. That is, to simply resend your email to the people who didn’t open the email the first time. The article has a few things to consider.

Five Tips for Building Better Loyalty Emails

The article has five tips for creating loyalty emails with content that will build lasting customer relationships and even encourage customers to spread the word to family and friends.

10 Ingredients for Email Signup Success for Retailers

This article looks at the different techniques used by websites – predominantly retailers – to improve signup rates above the magic 2%.

Finally, Incremental Innovation: How to Make Big Changes in Your Email Program, One Step At A Time

Launching a new full-blown email program takes time and money most marketers don’t have. Contributor Ryan Phelan suggests focusing on one small innovation at a time to move the business needle.

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