“Should we be on Snapchat?” Every time we do a marketing seminar, especially one on social media, we get that question. We’ve learned the answer is always ‘depends.’

Who is your target market? If it’s Generation Z – or millennials – then you should strongly consider it. 71% of Gen Z use Snapchat as part of their daily routines. Plus, 51% of this group use Snapchat roughly 11 times each day.

While Snapchat is known for its popularity with teens, its market penetration is starting to hit young adults and older generations as well.

Should you decide to venture onto this social media platform, here’s some tips to help you get started.

7 Ways To Use Snapchat for Marketing

Post to your story often. Think 3 to 4 times a day. Four to five hours apart.

Promote your account on other marketing outlets just like you are your other social media accounts.

Promote new products but make it fun! Remember the age of the audience – 12-24.


Offer discounts or promo codes. Drive sales and increase conversions. “Screen shot this and show it at checkout” or for e-commerce, “Use ‘Spring19’ at check-out for 20% discount.

Feature user-generated content. Ask followers to send you pictures of them using your product. Entice them with coupons or discounts.

Let customers take over your account. Consider their social following, and if you trust them, let them ‘snap’ for you for a week. You may have to pay them or provide other considerations.

In some ways, Snapchat is just like other social media outlets. Promote your product in fun ways. Promote events and milestones. Drive traffic to your website. Engage a new audience, develop new customers and retain loyal customers. Do this by interacting with followers.

For more on getting started with Snapchat, check out this article from Tourism Currents.

Questions, you can always call us. We’ll help you with your social media marketing.