Taking Your Marketing Strategy Into The Future: Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

67% of consumers stated that images influence their purchasing decisions while 74% of them rely on social media marketing as a guide, according to recent statistics from Digital Marketing Magazine. Employing the right marketing tools and strategy is important to any business looking to establish or improve their brand. In today’s highly competitive and ever-evolving landscape, we continue to see marketing trends shift continuously. The year 2018 saw the continued rise of social media and influencer marketing, fueled by companies moving towards more user-generated content. Digital marketing has also continued to make its mark with digital ad spending surpassing television and print as predicted. As we head towards a new year, the industries have begun to see yet another wave of trends in the world of marketing. From digital marketing techniques to multi-platform strategies, check out a few upcoming approaches slated to emerge in 2019.

Personalized and Interactive Content

This year has seen a significant shift in customer needs. More people seeking products catered specifically to their needs and in 2019, marketing is slated to follow suit. An Infosys report identified that 59 percent of customers admitted that personalization plays a part in their purchases. If you are thinking of hopping on this trends, think of beyond personalized products. Customized customer service, emails and website content based on the information held about the customer and their patterns, can set your company apart and make customers feel valued. In fact, 96 percent of marketers think that personalization plays a significant part in their customer relationships, and in consumer retention. As proven repeatedly in past studies, a small improvement in your customer retention rates can have a great impact (25%-95%) on your company’s profits.

Video Platforms Will Continue Its Reign

In 2019, the use of video marketing will still prove to be amongst the top channels used by businesses. In the past, this medium has proven to be a great way to get information across to consumers in a span of 30 seconds or less since most are more inclined to watch a 30-second long video than read a long written publication. Viewers have been estimated to retain 95 percent of a video message as opposed to 10 percent of a written one. Testimonials and demonstration videos have particularly stood out as the chosen visual promotional campaigns used by companies in 2018. We will see this trend continue, with companies using multi-faceted digital platforms as their mode of delivery such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

Community Building

Brand awareness is a key aspect of any marketing strategy for companies. Businesses are looking to creative ways to get their name out there amongst the community and getting involved in their surrounding environment is proving to be quite popular. Identified as a key opportunity for marketers by TopRankBlog, companies that get involved in their communities tend to garner the support of local residents, a positive brand image in the eyes of customers and by extension, word of mouth marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial intelligence is set to continue its integration into all parts of our lives; including marketing. Not only is it becoming prevalent, but it is also proving to be essential in today’s world. The implementation of tools such as chatbots and machine learning will prove to be highly efficient and effective aspects of business’ marketing strategies in 2019. By 2020, over 80 percent of businesses intend to utilize chatbots in their customer service, based on a 2016 survey by Oracle.

There is a long list of marketing trends that you expect to see in 2019. If you are considering the ways to take your own company’s marketing strategies forward into the future, one of these (or a combination of them) may be the answer you are looking for.

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For Back To You Marketing by Jane Isherwood, professional freelance writer and editor