Mary Arlington (MMCC, Inc.) is a colleague in the destination marketing industry. She consults on business management and operations primarily in the Recreational Vehicle industry but skills allow her to transcend industries. We have partnered on a few projects and have sat on boards together.

She recently vented, er, uh, posted in her blog about her dismay in websites she was reviewing. Her comments were so simple and insightful I begged her to allow me to share them.

I am delighted to share a guest post this week from my dear friend Mary Arlington:

Website ReviewMy, my, my. I’m in shock!

This week I spent a lot of time online as I was compiling lists for three clients (different industries, different online searches, different lists). This was an intense perusal of random websites. In other words, I’m used to evaluating a single website in detail to be able to recommend enhancements that could improve the business. This time I was simply seeking particular data details.

The searches I was performing were for companies that would typically attract thousands of people per year, with most of them being non-locals.

My first surprise was to see that many of these businesses are still without websites. Incredible!

Another realization was that many without websites rely on directory-type websites to fulfill their online marketing. That’s perhaps a bit too much faith in directories!

Those that had websites, sadly, too frequently lacked quality in at least one area (if not 20).  Here’s are just some of the things that brought me dismay.

On several searches, the results didn’t place the company’s website first in their findings, even though I was searching by company name. I wasn’t searching by topic (such as “marina Seattle WA”) but I was searching by the name of the business as its known to the public, a business that ought to be attracting thousands each year! This type of search should place each business in the #1 slot!

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