The Oklahoma Conference on Tourism was held yesterday in Oklahoma City. Great sessions on branding, social media, customer service, motorcoach marketing, festival and events marketing, agritourism, destination development, and attracting Gen Y (millennials) to your destination.

Naturally, quite a few ‘little nuggets’ of take-aways…

OTIA Conference Different Language

Secret to #socialmedia #marketing per @SheilaS of @TourismCurrents: “Work your butt off!”

3 times to market on #socialmedia: before, during and after. Too many forget last two and (social media) account goes cold. @SheilaS

OTIA Conference Tour Currents

Your #CVB is not reaching #millennials. No app. Website (is) not mobile friendly. (You need to) treat #socialmedia like traditional media.

“Don’t discount a single motorcoach tour stop in your town; a great experience can turn into something bigger later.”

OTIA Conference ThisIsCle

“Be Excellent at Your Role. YOU are (your destination) to the Visitor.”

OTIA Conference Billboard

“Always put yourself in the path of social change.” – Phil Bruno

Finally, Lt. Governor Todd Lamb reminded us of the importance of the travel and tourism industry. It’s the 3rd largest industry in the great state of Oklahoma!