Tourism professionals at Convention and Visitors Bureaus – CVBs (or Destination Marketing Organizations – DMOs) are implementing some innovative programs to increase visitation in their destinations. We call them Tourism Best Practices.

Muskegon_Lapel_PinAfter reading this first story, every tourism professional will be giving away their lapel pins… Mayor Gives Own Lapel Pin to Random Cruise Ship Visitor, Gets Long Letter

A mayor’s passing personal gift to a random visitor resulted in effusive thanks and the promise of a return visit.

Read the positive story and watch the video – What a Cruise Ship Means to Muskegon

A couple CVBs getting new Visitor Centers:

Houma Visitors Center to Unveil New Building

Visitors Bureau to Unveil Plans for Permanent Bay City Riverfront Office

The Great Lakes Bay Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau say they are ready to unveil plans for a new riverfront office near the gateway to the city, with a goal of connecting downtown and Uptown districts.

Visitors Bureau to Provide Real-time Virtual Tours of Galesburg

The Galesburg Area Convention and Visitors Bureau announced a new initiative to bring the first-ever live virtual tour of Seminary Street Historic District to viewers with the “Sights and Sounds of downtown Galesburg.”

Campaign Hopes to Give International Visitors a Taste of Austin

A new campaign wants to give international visitors a taste of what Texas and Austin have to offer. Brand USA, Texas Tourism and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau filmed a 3-minute video highlighting the local culinary scene.

Positive Media Reviews Boosting Local Tourism

The Paducah CVB spends a fair amount of time encouraging outside media to tell the city’s inside story… and those efforts are paying off. (Subscription)

Day Trip: It’s Time for a Magical History Tour

Saturday marks the end of Quad Cities Museum Week, in which 18 museums joined together under the theme “Museum Mysteries and Little Known Facts.”

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