We hear so much about the need to be on social media. 2 billion people on Facebook alone! But what are the real benefits of your brand being on social media? That, 42 tips and ideas to improve your posts, and the metrics you should be following.

Social Media PinTop 4 Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

If you’re still trying to convince yourself (or someone else) that social media is important, the article above has some of the other benefits of social media that you need to know.

Now to your strategies and practices…

3 Pieces Of Social Media Advice For Outdated Brands

The headline is a tad misleading. The author shares “three tips about social media strategies suited for 2017.” Frankly, they’re basic tips suited for any year!

The 7-Point Smart Solopreneuer Social Media Checklist

The checklist in the article is a guide for solopreneurs looking to pinpoint their social strategy and use their time on these platforms wisely, to build their investment in their business.

10 Social Media Things to STOP Doing Right Now

If you’re doing these 10 things, chances are you’re not only chipping away at any relationship-building potential but you’re also hurting your own efficiency.

21 Ideas for Social Media Content for Your Small Business

You need some inspiration. So here’s 21 ideas for social media content to help you shake things up.

We’ll have to compare those 21 with our 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas

So after all this strategy, posting, and tweeting, how our consumers responding? How Consumers Respond to Brands on Social Media: New Research

Want to know why some brands connect with consumers more than others on social media? Wondering if the tone of your social media marketing is affecting sales? In this article, you’ll find insights from new research that reveal how consumers feel about the content and conversations businesses are serving up on social media.

You also want to track these 5 Most Important Social Media Metrics in 2017 or these Six Most Effective Social Media Metrics To Understand Your Campaign’s Success

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