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To Master Social Media, You Need These 15 Skills

A fascinating new list of the 15 social-media skills or competencies that sit at the top of employers’ lists.
The article above has the three biggest challenges social marketers are facing right now, according to social marketers themselves.
Take these key factors into account as you build your social media presence to optimize your brand and ensure maximum visibility.
If you want a strong social media strategy, you simply can’t ignore SEO. Columnist Jordan Kasteler discusses how social and SEO work hand-in-hand.
There are no doubts marketers have caught on to the rise of Snapchat and have integrated it into their social media plans. But so many have been asking the question — does this social media tool fit into our plan?
Are you struggling with publishing remarkable social content that captures attention? Perhaps you’re seeking ways to spice up your business social media pages to drive better engagement. Consider mixing these four types in your social strategy to make your posts beautiful and enticing.
Joanna Belbey spoke with Lakshaman Narayan, CEO and a co-founder of Unmetric, Inc. and a TED Talk speaker. Unmetric is a branded content analytics company that recently released a report that outlined social media trends for big pharma.
In this article, the author shares core components to evaluate in a social media audit, what to look for, and how this insight can help you move your brand forward online.
“Let’s address some of the worst social media advice I’ve ever heard, and don’t worry, I’ll explain why this guidance has no place in your social media marketing activities.”
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