Each week, we read a number of articles regarding social media from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Social Media PinWant to Build Your Brand on Social Media? Here Are Some Quick Tips.

…being successful on social media requires humanizing your brand through people rather than acting like an advertiser. And this principle will likely only become more important as social media shifts from a one-to-many communication style to focus more on one-to-one interactions.

6 Top Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

How does a company reach people within their limited hours online and grab their attention on social media? Using the six tips in the article above.

Stand Out On Social Media: Tips For Boosting Your Business’ Brand

Experts from Forbes Agency Council share some of the characteristics they believe help brands stand out among the enormous social media crowd.

Whatever you do, don’t make these mistakes! Infographic: 15 Mistakes That Could Tank Your Social Media Strategy

All the possible pitfalls that social media marketers face are laid out in a handy infographic. From refusing to discuss issues with your followers to forgetting to attach visuals to most posts, there are so many ways to do social badly.

Finally, a great collection of social media statistics the Social Media Statistics That Matter for Your Business in 2019

An infographic offers a range of key social media usage stats, which not only highlight just how many people are logging onto social, and how often, but they also showcase the significant business opportunities available through social networks.

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