Each week, we read a number of articles regarding social media from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Social Media PinWhat 10 Social Media Professionals Say Should Be Your Top Priority Right Now

The author asked 10 social media professionals to name “the ONE thing that marketers must do this year to stay ahead of the curve in social media.” The article above has what they said.

Six Lasting Principles That Drive Social Media Success

Social media mavens and members of The Oracles share the tactics they use to grab attention, nurture engagement and attract conversions.

Why You Need a Social Media Strategy — and 6 Steps to Get Started

How can you use social media to stand out from the crowd? Above are some tips to amplify your voice, grow your community…and keep your sanity.

Chasing Gen Z? Here’s their favorite social media networks: YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat

What social networks does Gen Z really want to use? And what draws them to those sites?

Whatever you do, avoid these 5 Social Media Mistakes That Could Kill Your Business

The first mistake is forgetting your brand. To ensure you know your brand, Answer These 8 Branding Questions

Are you putting the social media cart before the brand strategy horse? Answering these questions can help create a broader understanding of a business, its marketing and how social media contributes.

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