You’ve started your social media accounts. You’re posting. You’re tweeting. You’re pinning. Wondering though if you’re doing it right. Perhaps the Simple Social Media Guide for Small Businesses from the SBA can help.

Social Media Pin

Small businesses can leverage different platforms for a variety of reasons to either expand visibility, increase sales, or inform their audience. Whether you’ve been active or considering a brand refresh, focus on a few best practices when approaching social media.

There’s also these 5 Things To Do Before Your Startup Launches A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media is no magic potion. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it work. This guide is going to show you the key things you have to do before you formally launch your social media marketing campaign.

A little advanced, but here’s 6 Incredibly Easy & Effective Social Media Marketing Tips and Tools for E-commerce Businesses

An effectively managed social media presence can help you create long-lasting relationships with your high-value market audience. To capitalize on social’s potential, you need a good, strong, organized game plan. (The article above has) five quick tips and a sixth fundamental tip for good measure.

One of the tips was finding ‘good and reliable tools to help manage marketing. This infographic rates the top five social media management tools for 2016.

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