Each week, we read a number of articles regarding social media from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Social Media PinSomething fun to start with… what if all social media and messaging platforms were planets? How would they look as a digital solar system? There’s two infographics showing the Social Media Universe in 2018.

One is at Social Media Today. Another is at Marketwatch.

Now to helpful tips…

How to Research Buyer Personas for More Successful Marketing Campaigns

Do you market to multiple buyer personas? Wondering how to be sure you’re marketing to each audience segment in the right way? In the article above, you’ll learn how to research buyer personas to reveal preferences and behaviors that will help you deliver successful, targeted social media campaigns.

How to Use Social Data to Run a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Data-driven stories have power among top-tier press outlets, and when combined with carefully thought out data from the likes of social media, the opportunities are huge.

Time-Saving Social Media Management Strategies

With the right mix of automation and real-time posts you can grow your business profiles without having your head buried in your smartphone 24/7, completely disconnected from your present environment.

4 Tips for Empowering All Employees to Use Social to its Full Potential

Do your employees understand how powerful social is not just for branding, but also selling? Are they using it to the best of their abilities and according to best practice?

Chances are, there are improvements that can be made. Here are four simple tips to get your organization started down the path to effective widespread social use.

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