Facebook Changes

The biggest news this week in social media is surprise, surprise! Facebook is changing – again! Big change though especially for those who maintain Facebook pages. You may see a further drop in traffic and post likes, shares, and comments. Facebook Changes Mean You’ll See Even More Friends’ Posts

Facebook announced Wednesday it is limiting the amount of content from Pages, or the public profile created for brands, celebrities and media publishers a user follows. The News Feed will feature more posts from friends and family instead of posts from news companies.

Who are the winners and losers of this change? Here’s an early guess.

So what are your options? Here’s three:

  1. Start utilizing Facebook Ads – How to Target Local Customers With Facebook Ads
  2. Start utilizing other social media outlets – 26 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing and 10 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business and 8 Instagram Tools to Create, Manage, and Analyze Your Marketing Results
  3. Quit

If you haven’t quit, here’s other great reads this week:

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