You’ve started your social media accounts. You’re posting. You’re tweeting. You’re pinning. Starting to get proficient at Facebook. Even used a #hashtag in a tweet. Great! Let’s take it to the next level, improve your efforts, increase engagement, and perhaps, even set up an ad.

Social Media Pin

To start, know who is on social media, when they use it, what they’re looking for. The Nielsen Social Media Report provides these insights, rich data and much more.

11 Ideas For Starting To Build Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Forbes  Agency Council members – experts in marketing, advertising, branding and other specialities – offer their advice for building your social media presences and brand awareness.

How To Use Social Media to Make Your Brand Seem Bigger Than It Is

One of the greatest benefits of social media is that it allows the “little guy” to be just as capable as the industry giant. So how do you use social media to make your brand seem bigger than it is? The article above has a few ways to maximize each platform.

Make Your SMB Stand Out on Social Media

Many SMBs are now turning to social media and content marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge. Stay one step ahead of the rest with these tips.

5 Tips to Improve YouTube Video Performance

Want more exposure for your YouTube videos? Wondering how to get your videos in front of more viewers? With a few simple techniques, you can increase the likelihood that your YouTube videos will be noticed and watched by your target customer. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to get more views for your YouTube videos.

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