Tourism professionals at Convention and Visitors Bureaus – CVBs (or Destination Marketing Organizations – DMOs) are implementing some innovative programs to increase visitation in their destinations. We call them Tourism Best Practices.

Cleveland Locals CampaignDestination Cleveland Initiative Enlists Clevelanders in Campaign to Boost the City

The Cleveland CVB is launching a new marketing effort this fall that aims to enlist Clevelanders in the ongoing effort to boost the city’s stature.

Visit Seattle Launches ‘This Holiday, Take a Holiday’ Campaign to Combat Employee Fatigue

Seattle’s DMO launched a new campaign encouraging Americans to use their leftover vacation time to combat the systemic issue of professional burnout.

Business Leaders Promote San Diego as Destination for Medical Tourism

While not led by the DMO, still a unique partnership formed to promote the region as a travel destination for people seeking the best in health and wellness.

Brisbane Marketing Launches Conventions Initiative

Australias Brisbane Marketing has released an initiative to find Brisbane’s up-and-coming industry and research leaders while showcasing the city as a business events destination.

CVB Shows Off Brownsville’s Main Destinations

Brownsville CVB hosts Welcome Home Rio Grande Valley “boot camp” for activity directors in search of things to do for RV park residents.

How Hawaii Leverages Digital Marketing Campaigns to Attract Chinese Visitors

Hawaii Tourism China (HTC) recently utilized the sizeable social media user base and the influence it has on users to position Hawaii as a luxurious and romantic destination for leisure travel, weddings, and honeymoons.

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