Tourism professionals at Convention and Visitors Bureaus – CVBs (or Destination Marketing Organizations – DMOs) are implementing some innovative programs to increase visitation in their destinations. We call them Tourism Best Practices.

St Pau AdeleBill Geist pointed out St. Paul’s marketing genius last week. I believe it’s so brilliant, I’m sharing it as well. Plus there’s this full story on St. Paul’s campaign here: St. Paul Sings ‘Hello’ to Minneapolis in Adele Parody Video So much for conventional CVB wisdom huh!?

What Travel & Tourism Marketers Can Learn from Discover LA

At a tourism conference in Melbourne, Don Skeoch, CMO of Discover Los Angeles, spoke. The author of above’s article believes “there’s a lot to be learned from Los Angeles.”

Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on Mobile with Tourism-centric Influencer Campaign

The city of Las Vegas has chosen eight influencers from a variety of international markets – including Mexico, Britain and Brazil – to create relevant content showcasing their favorite Las Vegas experiences and reach highly engaged mobile users.

(Sioux Falls is) Luring Tourists with Food

Teri Schmidt, executive director of the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, said she knows food is part of travel. The CVB promotes local eateries by marketing online and hosting events to attract tourists and visitors.

Mercer Visitors Bureau to Host Baseball at Bowen

“This is the first time we’ve done a tourism night,” Jamie Null said. “We have always helped out but we wanted to bring attention to tourism because these baseball teams are a part of tourism in Mercer County.”


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