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Back To You Marketing

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We get it! We are a small business just like yours! We don’t know accounting, that’s why Phil does ours. We don’t know cooking, that’s why we eat out. You know what you do really well. But you don’t know marketing. That’s why we’re here. Website Design. Videos. Social Media. Digital Marketing. Back To You Marketing has a team of communication professionals able to CONNECT you to solutions, CREATIVE-ly solve problems, and provide STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS.

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Digital Marketing

Social media management, email marketing, Google Ads management, competitor research, user analysis, and lead generation. Plus, attention-grabbing messages across all digital media.

Website Design

We design mobile-friendly, highly-functional business and ecommerce websites that look equally great on phones, tablets, and computers. A well-designed website is like having a loyal employee working 24/7 to tell people and search engines all about what you have to offer them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website optimized for search engines improves your chances of being discovered. We offer detailed audits of your site, competitor analysis reports, and ongoing web analytics reporting and training.

Consultations and Training

Adding brains to your marketing brawn, with market research, competitor analysis, digital assessments, action plans, creative direction and campaign strategies.


Content that kills it, in every style and tone (technical to touching). Stories to land benefactors, scripts to snag patients, and web content to recruit residents.

Video Production

Using eye-catching visuals and compelling narratives, we’ll tell your company’s story, putting you front and center.

Logos and Branding

In-depth name development, logo designs, taglines and full-on design concepts based on who you are and what you do best. The guts and groundwork of thoughtful branding.

Print Design

A bevy of printed beauties: business cards and brochures, magazines and mailers, banners and billboards, postcards and packaging.

Marketing Campaigns

Start-to-finish campaigns, from writing and design to media placement and public launch. Confetti optional.

We’ll never get too big for our britches and never be too big to help the smallest of small businesses.

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Stephen Koranda, PRINCIPAL