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Reminder: Tourism IS Economic Development

Another community leadership group has asked me to speak about tourism and it’s impact to the businesses and entities the classmates represent. No problem. Do it all the time and am happy to do so! What shocked me was the coordinator’s request for me to share how tourism works WITH economic development. In response I replied I would be more than happy to share how tourism *IS* economic development. She seemed startled at the response and concept. While CVBs / DMOs are fighting for our relevancy and possible existence, here we are still with some at square one: what we… Read More »Reminder: Tourism IS Economic Development

Kansas Tourism Conference Summary

The Kansas Tourism Conference theme was Capitalizing on Tourism. (The conference was held in the Kansas capital Topeka.) The sub-theme might as well have been Getting Back to Basics. Roger Brooks opened the conference with a two-part full morning general session sharing Deadly Sins and the New Age of Tourism, Jerry Henry provided guidance on doing research on a shoestring budget, representatives from the state revenue office gave a transient guest (hotel/motel/bed) tax 101, and the state tourism office shared their research and strategy the next fiscal year. No fireworks. No glamour. “Just” a back to basic conference packed with… Read More »Kansas Tourism Conference Summary

Five Things You Should Be Doing on Social Media But Aren’t

Social media… the marketing world never paid attention to it in the late 90s when GeoCities and SixDegrees were starting. We didn’t engage with MySpace in the early 2000s. But then Facebook happened. It hit 200 million users. Then 400 million. (Now 900 million.) YouTube became the second largest search engine. Twitter reports 1 billion tweets. Okay, you’ve got marketer’s attention! Conferences began offering breakout sessions on social media. Then keynote speakers. Now full conferences. (How Dave Serino’s SoMeT didn’t make the list I’ll never know.) Books, consultants, reporting standards, even its own awards. Marketing departments and DMOs are hiring… Read More »Five Things You Should Be Doing on Social Media But Aren’t

DMAI Convention Summary

If you weren’t able to attend the annual gathering of destination marketing professionals at DMAI’s international convention, that’s okay. I have a summary for you. It seemed like last year’s DMAI convention had a recurring theme or two strung between all sessions – mobile and video. Perhaps it was the diversity in sessions I attended this year but there wasn’t a recurring theme it seemed. Instead five or six good takeaways that I’m sharing with you this month: 1. Motivation… DMAI started the convention with this video… Very motivating as a destination marketing professional. Throughout (and before in the CDME… Read More »DMAI Convention Summary

Town and Gown Relationships for Destination Marketing

In completing my Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) through Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) I had the opportunity to draft a paper on Town and Gown Relationships for Destination Marketing. What follows is the executive summary and excerpt of the conclusion. A link to the full paper follows. I hope by my sharing you are able to glean one nugget that will help in your destination marketing efforts. As with any partners, town and gown relationships can be either cooperative or adversarial working relationships. City governments and neighborhoods either choose to stay at odds with local universities or colleges or,… Read More »Town and Gown Relationships for Destination Marketing