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Email Marketing – Benchmark Guide and 52 Tips

Email Marketing – Benchmark Guide and 52 Tips

Your email marketing campaigns are underway! You have rich content with a call-to-action or two. Creative, well thought-out subject lines. Sales of course is the top benchmark to gauge success. What are the other benchmarks to determine if your campaigns are working? We lead with a benchmark guide and follow with 5 articles / 52 tips to help with your email marketing:

The Ultimate 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark  Guide

A new report analysed more than 1bn emails… (the author) dig(s) into the report and show you the key facts and figures you need to be aware of.

21 Powerful Ways to Quickly Grow Your Email List

It’s time to grow your list, and (the author) put together 21 powerful ways to do just that.

We offered ways to grow your email list HERE and HERE.

Keys to Designing an Email Marketing Campaign That’s Easy on the Eyes

Your design is the first element that recipients will see. If you want readers to see your message instead of clicking to the next email, it’s essential to please their eyes and pique their curiosity. Here are a few keys to a winning email design:

5 Tips That Can Improve Your Cold Email Strategy

Cold emailing is when you send out requests to people and businesses that do not know you and are not expecting the email from you. There are many ways to do this successfully… Here are five tips to consider when you are crafting the perfect cold email.

12 Email Marketing Errors That Should Be Avoided By Every Internet Business

In this article Glasgow based Intelligent Data Group expose 12 of the most common email marketing errors to avoid.


The 7 Emails You Need to Be Sending Your Mailing List

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