Far be it for us to assume, but when the same blog post tops the list of most read blog posts for two years in a row, that leads us to believe there’s a clear interest in its content. Add to that, the follow-up post was in the top 10 this past year. That further leads us to believe people are searching for creative post ideas on Facebook.

Instead of posting a picture of a new product. And then a picture of a new product. And then a picture of a new product. New product pic. New product pic. New prod… mix it up! Add some variety to Facebook blog posts. We shared 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas. That post has been the most read post the past two years. The follow-up – 21 MORE Creative Facebook Post Ideas – was in the top 10 for 2020. So, if there’s this much interest in social media content ideas, perhaps we should share even MORE!

So, here’s even more! Even MORE Creative Facebook Post Ideas.

Title Facebook Post Ideas

  • Quotes from Business or Books In Your Industry. Find a compelling quote or tip, underline or highlight it, take a picture, and post it.
  • Industry Tips. How do professional bakeries keep from getting that crack in a loaf of banana bread? Can one beat eggs too long? Too short? An app your industry uses. What are industry tips, not the KFC secret recipe, but general tips others can use.
  • Take your industry tip a step further and record a tutorial. Here’s how to use that app.
  • Change Your Cover Photo. While not necessarily a post, it does create a post. If it’s a promotion, you’ll draw eyeballs to your promotion.
  • Get To Know Your Fans. Ask simple questions. Are you a coffee drinker or tea drinker? If I could go anywhere right now, I would go _____. Favorite kind of movie? Favorite color to wear this fall?
  • Get To Know You. What are your guilty pleasures? “I always have to drink a creamy mocha chocolatey latte with extra caramel and shots on my way into work.” Spotify channel. Scented candle. TV show you’re binging.
  • Not Candy Crush but “You Can Only Pick Three” or “Which One Has To Go.” Modify the kid’s game ‘Would You Rather’ for adults and your posts.

Facebook post idea

  • Find the Product. Another game. A Scavenger Hunt. Describe a product on your website. Customers go to your website to find it. Of course, offer an incentive for the first one or everyone that finds it.
  • Themed Series. 10 Ways To Share You’re Engaged. That’s two weeks of content. They first see #7? They’ll probably be going through past posts looking for the first 6, and most likely be looking for the last three.
  • Recreate Iconic Photos. We Can Do It. Einstein with his tongue out. Lunch atop a skyscraper. You and your staff can definitely have fun with these.

Facebook post ideas

  • Recreate Tik Toks. You may embarrass your daughter, but it’ll be fun.
  • Recreate Commercials. Have an insurance agency? Get your staff to recreate one of the national commercials.
  • Ask Me Anything. Ask for questions, any question. Then answer it. “Every Tuesday we’ll answer your questions.”
  • Myth Busters. Insurance Myth: I Don’t Need Coverage Because I’m Single and Don’t Have Dependents. Record a short explanation as to why that myth is not true. Bust The Myths in your industry.
  • Talk About Your Charities or Causes. Why do you volunteer with the food bank? Why do you read to first graders? Why do you donate to the local women’s shelter? Why does your restaurant host local school nights where 10% of proceeds go to the school team or club?
  • Customers’ Causes. What are your customers’ causes or charities? A compelling one suggested? All next month, a certain percentage of proceeds go towards that cause. (We’d be shocked if that customer or two who championed the cause didn’t share you post!)
  • Product Reviews. Popular products that are used with yours? Give at test and then offer a review. “We used this car wax on our new VWs and here’s what we thought of the product.”
  • Product Reviews – Customer Version. Get their opinion! What do your customers think of those products?
  • Product Partners. You bring the car wax rep to your car lot to try the product. You two could really ham it up and act like QVC. The cross promotion will be great to attract your audience to theirs and theirs to yours.
  • Scenic Near You. Your office building nestled in the midst of a wooded area? On the side of a mountain? On a beach? If you have a beautiful view out your window, snap a pic and share. Ask if others have similar views.
  • Scenic Near You II. Drive by a scenic spot every day to work? A shopping center that has the best Christmas lights? A historical landmark? A mural or statue? Share a pic and ask what others drive by.

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