Creative Names to Rename Email Newsletter

We have long believed in the power of email marketing. Its 42:1 ROI is ‘roughly twice that of other digital channels—if not better—and blows away the returns seen with traditional media channels like TV, radio, and direct mail.’ Further, email marketing drives sales. According to a report from the Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online due to an email marketing message.

It’s no wonder then that we have shared ways to increase your database, a checklist for success, a year plan, and how to integrate email campaigns with your social media marketing.

We’ve also shared out biggest hang up with email marketing – the fact most ask customers to “Sign Up For A Newsletter.” Snooze-fest! 💤 No one wants a newsletter!

Previously we got creative and shared 35 creative names to rename your ‘newsletter.’ We put on the thinking caps again and have 43 MORE!



Rhymes aren’t just for nurseries and daycares. They can be creative newsletter names. Send the…

Vet Gazette (Our first thought is veterinarian office but veterans service could work too.)

Cleaner Gleaner (house cleaning)

Hide Guide (leather shop or taxidermist)

Ghost Post (haunted tours)

Chimes Times (clock maker)


Same Letter or Sound

Titles with words that start with the same letter roll off the tongue so roll out these newsletter names…

Monday Morning Memo

Daily Dispatch

Baker’s Best Bets

Pet Post

Witness Weekly (law office)


Play On Business / Puns

What’s more creative that puns or words that play on your business or industry? It shows a sense of humor and personality. Drop these in an inbox…

Inside Press (coffee shop)

Barista Bulletin (coffee shop)

Brewer’s Bulletin (brewery)

Eye Examiner (optometrist)

Weekly Capital (bank)

Guitar Riff (music teacher or shop)

Knitter’s Yarn (a yarn is a story)

Megan’s Focus (photographer)

On The Spot (dry cleaner)


Say What It Is

Matt Lavine’s Money Stuff is the best example. You know who sent it and what it’s about. Perhaps cute isn’t the way to go. Blunt is…

Recipe of the Week

Investor’s Guide

Simple Sales Solutions or Strategies


Newspaper Names

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and New York Post are iconic. So are newspapers Reporter, Herald, or Chronicle. So how about…

Jewel Journal (jewelry store)

Tea Times (tea shop)

Pawner’s Post (pawn shop)

Runner’s Reporter (running shoe store)

Handyman’s Herald (construction or repairs)

Candy Chronicle (candy shop)


From Creative Newspapers

Not one for the traditional names? How about more creative, contemporary newspapers…

“Eyewitness” has optometrist all over it… take the name of the doctor and “Jake’s Eyewitness”

Texas Bird Observer (bird watching club)

The god Mercury = ‘Messenger’ so suggest you’re the messenger: Danna’s Messenger. Add “Monthly” to it and remind them of the frequency, Jenny’s Monthly Messenger.

Intelligencer is more difficult but subliminally does it suggest you’re intelligent and thus, the expert? Evan’s Intelligencer? Maybe shorten it: Evan’s Intel?


A LOT Simpler And Trendy

How slowly did you have to say ‘intelligencer?’ Keep it simpler with one of these:

Update – The Daily Update (or weekly or monthly)

Pulse (The Plumbers Pulse) This also is perfect for a doctor!

Scoop (The Scoop—pretty simple)

Buzz (Baker’s Buzz) Although I hear coffee and/or a barber or hairdresser using this!

Minute (Marketing Minute. Money Minute. Mandy’s Minute.)


Thought Leadership

Want to build your brand as an informed opinion leader and the go-to person in your field of expertise? Use a buzz word like Report, Insight(s) or Forecast.

The Retail Report

Financial Insights

Fashion Forecast

(We keep going back to alliterative names don’t we?)


Local / Community Based

Your ‘newsletter’ on behalf of the HOA, neighborhood or community? Work in Bulletin, Living, or Neighbor / Neighborhood.

The Hobart Bulletin

Ada Living

The Noble Neighbor

Use these as is or as inspiration. With your staff, brainstorm words that describe your small business or the content of your marketing email campaigns. Keep in mind your customers and consider creative newsletter titles that will appeal to them and their interests. With these suggestions, your creativity and expertise, and the goals of the newsletter, you will assuredly come up with a solid title that you – and your customers – will be excited about!

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