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Ways To Grow Your Small Business

Ways to Grow Your Small Business
Ways to Grow Your Small Business

We’re all looking to grow our business! Who isn’t!? There are so many tips and hacks. Social media. Google Ads. Influencers. There’s no shortage of “experts” that have a training program for you to learn how to ‘go viral’ or trick the system.

Perhaps the strongest way to grow your business starts with you and networking. The Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma shared a few ideas to connect to potential new customers. Adapted from that list, here are ways to grow your business.

  1. Call a Chamber or Association member and introduce yourself. You’ve joined your Chamber or trade association, yes? Do you know all the members? Start calling them to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself. That may lead to…
  2. Visit someone at their business. Schedule time to visit with a fellow professional at their business. Learn about their operation and see their showroom or office. It’s a more personal way to connect with them than “over a beer” (with all due respect to tall ones!)
  3. Send an introduction card or letter to another local business owner. Not a phone person, send a card or letter. Lost is the art of the greeting card or an attractive mailer. Most Chambers provide the mailing labels for the members. Design an attractive mailer or card and drop each member an introduction to your service or product.
  4. Attend an event. Chamber After Hours. Association luncheons. Rotary Club meetings. There’s no shortage of events you could attend. Make a commitment to get to one a month and meet new people and potential new clients. You may even have some fun!
  5. Send a referral or lead to another business. You want to really endear yourself with another business owner? Send them business! When someone asks them “who do you know that _____?” what’s the chance they think of you and sends you a lead?
  6. Join a committee. No! Not committees!! While you’re planning the golf tournament or awards banquet, you’re getting to know people that may refer business your way. Bonus: be the communications person for the committee. You send the emails. What’s at the bottom of every email? Your signature with your business!
  7. Update your listing on the Chamber or Association websites. As member directories get more and more robust, listings can offer more than name, address, and phone number. Check your listings. Are they as robust as they can be? A more robust listing and links will help your own site’s search results. And when someone refers to your listing, they’ll know more about you and be that much closer to do business with you!
  8. Offer a member-to-member discount. A percentage off. Free consultation. Free delivery. Consider a discount for other Chamber or Association members to drive sales. Here’s ideas other than “10% off.”
  9. Invite members to an office party or after hours. Get other professionals in your showroom or office. Have something to snack on and something cool to drink. Most importantly, have your staff ready with your “elevator speech” and an attractive brochure or flyer ready for them to take with them.
  10. Follow others on social media to get to know them. Then set up one-on-ones. Before that coffee or drink after hours, know if Dan likes to hunt or if Stephanie likes theater. That will give you something to talk about when you meet, and a possible immediate connection.
  11. Mentor a new member. New members join the Association, Chamber, or service club all the time. They come in needing someone to “take them under their wing” and “show them the ropes.” Mentor the new member for a year and then there will be a bond. As their business grows and they hear of leads, who will they refer the leads to?

Can you think of a 12th to make an even dozen? Comment below or email us and we’ll add to the list.

By implementing these tips, staying focused and dedicated, you can grow your small business and achieve your long-term goals. Best of luck!