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13 Digital Marketing Tips

13 Digital Marketing Tips

Time to read between all the parties, gifts, time with family, and football? (Maybe an escape from the in-laws…) Here’s three reads on digital marketing with 13 great tips:

Darth Vader or Anakin? Is Your Marketing a Force for Good or Evil?

Is your marketing in tune with the Force and focused on enriching the connections between your business and your customers? Or are you engaging in Darth Vader marketing that’s more machine than man? It’s vital to keep the soul of your business alive by not relying too much on technology to drive your marketing initiatives. Here are five examples of when marketing can stray to the dark side of technology, and how you can bring yours back to the light.

Email: Everyone’s Doing It

As the tool that just about everybody uses personally and professionally on a daily basis, email remains one of the most effective digital channels for reaching consumers today. Fluent, with its inaugural “Inbox Report,” provides data and insights into how marketers can utilize the channel more to their advantage.

5 Alternative Ways To Share Content Other Than Social Media

When you want to get your content in front of new readers, there are times when you’ll need to go beyond normal social media sharing.  There are plenty of options to share content. Here are five alternative ways to share content other than social media platforms to consider.