Each week, we read a number of articles on from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:

UnknownImportance Of Customer Service In A Business

Customer service is the way a business is able to serve a customer, which indirectly reflects your brands values.

No Service, No Smile, No Future: The Lost Value of Basic Customer Service

The customer is everything. What you sell pays for it all: your rent, your salaries, your meals, your children’s school fees.

Do We Understand Customer Service?

Bad customer service will make you lose more clients instead of gaining more.

Here’s How Customer Service Can Drive Retail Churn

Customer churn for retail is among the highest of all consumer industries, and poor customer service may be a large factor to blame.

10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service and Increase Sales Performance

Want to improve your customer service and increase sales performance? 10 ways to help you gain insight on what to do in order to improve your customer service and increase your sales performance.

10 Secrets Of Customer Engagement: Fine-Tuning The Customer Service Experience For Success

For your business to have legs, it needs positively engaged customers; customers who enjoy their time with your business and who think positively about it when they’re away.

Finally, always examples of poor customer service: Reader Appalled By Ikea’s ‘Lack of Empathy and Shambolic Customer Service’


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