Our firm manages the Builders Association of South Central Oklahoma. The national association – NAHB – held the International Builders Show last week. It’s “the largest annual light construction show in the world.” In addition to the 600,000 sf expo of 1,500 exhibitors, there are seven tracts of education. As I did in 2020, after the association meetings, I attended the marketing and business management sessions. Social media. Websites. Digital marketing. Time management. Many great sessions!

Quite a few ahas, takeaways, and quotable nuggets. And they’re applicable to any industry, not just home builders. Here’s the top ones:

Marketing Ahas from IBS International Builders Show

1 Customer’s Expectations of your Website

Today’s customer expectations:

  • They expect to be in charge
  • They expect choices and customization
  • They expect to be informed
  • They expect to be served

Does your website allow your customers to be in charge, make choices and customize products, be informed, and provide customer service? Thomas Holt

2 Digital Tools to Help Create Content

  • Luminar AI for photo editing. It allows you to change the backgrounds of pictures. (i.e. the sky behind a home.)
  • Piktochart allows you to make infographics
  • Beefree.io for making email graphics
  • CapCut app is for short form video (i.e. Instagram Reels)
  • Upwork has freelance writers for blogs
  • Grammerly can check your (or their) writing

Julie Jarnigan

3 Instagram Stories

Are you using Stories on Instagram? 60% of people have become interested in a brand because of stories. Chelsey Keenan

4 Instagram Stories II

How to think about Instagram:

  • Instagram is your book
  • The Instagram feed is a chapter
  • Instagram Stories are a detail of a chapter. It’s not your full Blog post but rather a tidbit of the blog. Chelsey Keenan

5 The Digital Shopping Experience

Your digital shopping experience should mirror the way shoppers experience shopping today. Think Amazon. They have videos of the product. They have multiple pics of the product. Reviews. A LOT of content! Make your product listings on your site as robust as the product listings on Amazon. Matt Riley

6 Customer Demographics

We hear ‘know your audience demographics.’ Use Facebook page insights to see who your followers are then create personas base on that data. Molly White

7 Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Too many nuggets from Cabe Vinson and his SEO session. The key takeaway (reminder) ‘both your website and Google My Business profile are never done. They’re living, breathing tools. Keep them active.’

8 Video Marketing

Want to have trendy videos? Find trends…

Nikki Kirkland

Thanks for reading. Best wishes with your small business marketing. Naturally if you need assistance, we’re here for you. You can contact us here.