2019 is just a few weeks away. Hopefully you’re already thinking about how to maximize your innovation efforts in the coming year. Having been involved in the world of innovation for several decades, I’ve invested a lot of time thinking about innovation. What is the definition of innovation? What is innovation worth? How do we maximize its impact? How can I help companies create sustainable cultures of innovation?

Not long ago, I had inquiries from 3 different businesses who wanted to develop innovation initiatives. As an innovation consultant, this situation sparked the realization that I had never codified my learnings and experiences into a tool to help people create or enhance their innovation approach so, I set to work and created the Innovation Design Tool. If you’re thinking about how to make 2019 your Year of Innovation, check out this short video which overviews my innovation design process.

I would enjoy hearing your insights, comments, and questions. If you’d like a PDF copy of the tool, let me know via email – IDW@BrainStormNetwork.com. May 2019 be your Year of Innovation!

John Storm

Brain Storm Network