22 (More) Easy Video Content Ideas

As video becomes more and more a part of content marketing, along with the how tos, a top question we’re asked is what to make a video about? Last year we shared 20 easy video content ideas. We brainstormed some more and came up with 22 more ideas.

  • Product demonstrations – the other uses. Think cotton swabs. Mostly used to clean ears. But to sell more cotton swabs, Q Tips promotes the many different uses of their product so three, four, ten, swabs are used a day instead of one. Similarly, show the many other uses of your product.
  • Time-lapse videos. May need professional help but if you’re working on a big project, set up a camera to record the process. Speed it up and show the 30 days in 3 minutes.
  • Tips and how-tos. Beyond a demonstration of your product, show how to make something using your product. Example, how to carve a pinewood derby car using your tools. It doesn’t have to be “product-centric” either. Own a coffee shop? How does one get coffee stains out of clothing?
  • Customer testimonials. Not able to record the customer? If you’ve compiled testimonials online, take screen shots and produce a video slideshow of the store’s praises.
  • Value proposition. Besides a great product, what are the values behind the company? Share your core values with your customers and future customers.
  • Why I Like Working At. Looking to recruit staff? Have your team members share why they like working at the company. (Be sure they say positive things. 😊)
  • Event Invitations . Seminar, webinar, grand opening, VIP night, special promotions, charity event… if you’re having a special event, record a video invitation.
  • Expert Q&As. Not everything needs to be about you or your product. Do a Q&A with an expert. Example, “We’re excited to be located in Downtown Anywhereville. A lot is happening Downtown and we’re getting the inside scoop from the Chamber Director (tourism director, Downtown ED, etc.)”
  • Report Summaries. Complete an annual or industry report? Record an executive summary. Great way to reassure someone of the content before they pour over pages and pages of text.
  • Stats & Data (or Video Infographic). Like a report summary, if you’ve compiled statistics or data on a product or industry, create a graphic rich video sharing the numbers.
  • Man on the Street Interviews. Your chance to be Jay Leno. A lighter, more spontaneous video asking different ways to use a product. If at a conference or expo, approach attendees or presenters.
  • Public Polls. Forget the online polls. Go on the street. Show them your product, ask for feedback and capture reactions. Or think Pepsi Challenge and have people compare your product with a competitors’.
  • Holiday greetings. Better than a clip art graphic, have the staff record a holiday greeting. Don’t sing unless you’re able to sing!
  • Entertaining content: parodies, office life, cool nonsense. From time to time, encourage your team to indulge in silly things. Impersonate a boss. Dad jokes. Holiday jokes. Show an office practical joke. Or dance challenges like the Norman PD accepted.

We’re doing more and more with video. Please let us know if we can help with your marketing through video. Contact us here.