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4 Mistakes Brand Builders Should Avoid

Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases a business’ revenue by up to 23%, indicating the extent to which branding is key for companies wishing to succeed. Unfortunately, many business don’t give branding the importance it deserves, spending less than the recommended minimum of 10% of their revenue on presenting their products and services to their target market. Whether you are a startup or an established company, you should review your marketing strategy yearly, looking into potential ways that better branding could bring in more bacon. Avoid these mistakes and ensure your customers understand exactly how your brand could make their lives easier or more enjoyable.

1. Taking a DIY Approach to Social Media and Visual Branding

Your social media accounts should be doing much more than simply listing the products and services you offer. To establish your brand as an authority in your sector, you will also need to provide interesting blog posts, information, and images that are consistent with your brand image. Video production is a key area that many companies ignore and we can provide an instance of how a lack of investment can damage your brand. If, for instance, you work in the media and you publish videos of places you visit, your videos need to be clear and well edited, and sound needs to be optimal as well. A business such as this will need cutting edge visual recording equipment, microphones, and of course, a professional photographer/video editor to ensure the final product is 100% professional. Poor sound, camera movement, and unprepared backgrounds will affect the way the public perceives your brand and show that you have not set aside the budget required for slick videos or photography.

2. Being Too Salesy

Capturing your audience’s eye is a matter of give-and-take. As mentioned above, content that is too clearly aimed at a sale can have the opposite effect. The brand content you put out – including videos and blog posts – should help your target audience as well. Thus, you might think about providing tips and tutorials in your area of business. Establish your brand as an authority in your sector; one that people turn to when they are in a bind, or when they need advice on a particular product or service. Enlist the help of professionals who are passionate in the areas your company covers, so that their content is genuinely valuable and exciting.

3. Optimizing Your Content

The most perfect content is useless unless it reaches its intended audience. This is where search engine optimization comes in. Invest in professionals who can position your page well and make sure your content is optimized. For instance, if you use WordPress for your blog, install Yoast, which will give you ratings on each post’s SEO and readability ratings. The same goes for video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, so you will need to use the right keywords in titles, tags, descriptions, and categories. Use tagging on all social media sites on which you post video content.

4. Failing to Monitor Your Branding Efforts

Consistent monitoring of your branding strategy is import if you wish to increase purchase intent and boost ongoing customer loyalty. Monitoring involves taking time to read what customers are saying about your products. Analytics are key in terms of analyzing ROI for your marketing expenditure, but monitoring your social media sites (checking for complaints, criticism, and other types of feedback – both good and bad) offers you a chance to connect with your customers, make changes to your products or services, and make amends for dissatisfaction – which will stop the landslide that negative reviews can provoke.

We have mentioned just a few mistakes that branding strategists can make. Investment in the right team of professionals (and the right equipment) is key if you are to present your business professionally and target the right audience. Monitoring your strategy, and offering clients top-grade content, meanwhile, will ensure you keep the vital connection with your clients going in the long-term.

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For Back To You Marketing by Jane Isherwood, professional freelance writer and editor