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Customer Service – Best Reads Week of April 23

Customer Service – Best Reads Week of April 23

Each week, we read a number of articles on from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:

UnknownA Checklist for Superior Customer Service

When your goal is building a world-class customer service organization delivering superior customer service, checking these items off this top 10 list will be especially gratifying.

10 Effective Ways To Transform Your Customer Service And Customer Experience

10 truly transformational steps that Micah Solomon often suggests to clients (as a customer service consultant), that can make deep and lasting change for your company or organization.

Empathy – A Two-way Street in Customer Service

It’s no secret that personalisation is essential in developing a successful customer experience. Central to that is getting to know all you can about your customer and using that information to drive the interaction.

To Create A Great Customer Experience, Sweat The Small Stuff

For companies seeking to create the best customer experiences in their industry, sweating the small stuff and focusing on details can help them create a better customer experience.

The Essence of Customer Service

A deep read but gets at the philosophical core of customer service: Customer service, therefore, is about excellence, and this is evident in the consequences: a customer becomes happiest with great customer service, and an agent becomes happiest when the desired outcome is reached.

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