Each week, we read a number of articles regarding social media from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Social Media PinIf you recall, Facebook changed their algorithm three months ago affecting brands’ posts in followers’ feeds. How’s it going so far? 3 Notes on Facebook’s News Feed Changes Thus Far

We offered 10 directions to take in lieu of Facebook’s changes.

Here’s three other ways to maximize your social media output and 10 Types of Posts to Help You Stand Out Online

As summer and “vacation season” nears, here’s How to Use Social Media to Bring Customers Closer to Your Brand When They’re Vacationing

A few tips on how to maximize the vacationing period of your customers to bring them closer to your brand.

Another way to think of social media, is to Treat Your Social Media Like the Storefront You Want Customers to See

There are intriguing similarities between how a business owner should treat the physical representation of a business such as a storefront and its representation on social media.

This final article reminds us good businesses have a crisis management plan – even for social media. It even helps us turn that crisis into an opportunity. How Can Brands Turn Social Media Crises Into Opportunities

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