Each week, we read a number of articles on from online sources. Below, the top reads on customer service from the following week:

Unknown7 Pieces of Dangerous Customer Service Advice (Plus What To Do Instead)

Some of the received customer service wisdom out there is flat-out wrong.

Extraordinary Customer Service!

Six stats you need to know and simple retention strategies.

Five Lessons in Customer Service from Action Gear

Founder and managing director at Action Gear Warrick Kernes shared his wisdom on providing authentic customer service.

These Customer Service Habits Can Drive A Company To Rival Zappos, Nordstrom, Virgin

These “habits” can drive customer service excellence, and spare you from having to reinvent your service commitment or service practices every day.

Why Improving Social Media Customer Service is Important

By having a social media strategy in place, companies can quickly respond to customers’ concerns through social media.

How to Handle Bad Customer Service … Without Holding a Grudge

A neuroscientist says the trick is finding resolution, not vengeance.

Infographic: What Marketers Need to Know About Changing Customer Service Expectations

Brands need to better understand the conversations consumers are seeking and make them possible, which means stitching together artificial intelligence and human empathy, designing conversations, curating experiences and constantly evolving.

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