36+ Content Ideas

We all know email should be a part of our marketing plan. Very low investment. High ROI – $44 to $1. Better reach than social media. But it’s the “what to say“ that holds us back.

We were asked to write an email marketing plan for RV parks. It wound up being the second most read blog this past year. But lest anyone believe those content ideas are strictly for RV Parks, we have prepared an email marketing plan for any industry.

Here’s content ideas for each month for you to use to stay in touch with your customers, build relationships, and drive sales.


The obvious – New Year Resolutions. How does your product or service help someone keep a new year resolution? Share your staff’s resolutions (and be sure to include your businesses’ resolution to improve service.)

Others – On Get To Know You Day, email a link to a survey and ask about their interests, what they want to see in the store, on social media, on the website, or in the emails. January is also National Thank You Month. Send an email thanking your customers. Include a coupon.


The obvious – Valentine’s Day. “We love our customers” or gift ideas for Valentines.

Others – In Bake for Family Fun Month share employee’s favorite recipes. On Send a Card To A Friend Day, send an email.


The obvious – Spring Arrives! Promote a “Spring Cleaning Sale.”

Others – On Employee Appreciation Day, share ‘did-you-knows’ about your employees. If you’re a woman-owned business, since March is Women History Month, share about your history or the story of your creating the business.


The obvious- Tax Day. With stress, how can you off a stress reliever? Coupon? Offer? Promote a special event. Hire someone to do massages all day in your lobby.

Others – It’s Pet Month. Share pictures of the employees and their pets. Combine Earth Day and National Volunteer Month and have your staff do an earth-friendly project.


The obvious – Mother’s Day and Graduations. Two opportunities to promote gift ideas. Have a veteran on staff? Share his/her story on Memorial Day.

Others – May offers Small Business Week – tell your story, National Tourism Week – thank the visitors that come in, Nurses Day – discount for nurses, Teachers Day – discount for teachers, and Military Spouses Day – have a military spouse on staff? Tell his/her story.


The obvious – Summer. Summer sales. You could also include pictures of staff on their summer vacations.

Others – Father’s Day. (Stephen is a father and didn’t want us to over look Father’s Day. Mother’s get all the attention!) World Blood Drive Day is in June. Hold a blood drive at your office.


The obvious – Independence Day. Sales and/or salute to a military veteran on staff.

Others – Give Something Away Day. Perfect for a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Sale! World Listening Day is in July. Perfect way to introduce a survey of your customers. Ask something you didn’t ask in January. Ask about their interests, what they want to see in the store, on social media, on the website, or in the emails.


The obvious – Back To School and sales. Take a picture of the staff with everyone in their college shirts.

Others – Family Fun Month. Share how your employees’ families have fun. Host a family fun event in your parking lot. It’s also Picnic Month. Bring in some food trucks and have a customer appreciation / family fun picnic. It’s also Bad Poetry Month. Send bad poetry written by staff.


The obvious – Labor Day. Sales or salutes to all who labor.

Others – On Read A Book Day, share the staff’s favorite books or what they’re currently reading. Promote educational resources about topics relevant to your business. During Self Improvement Month, offer tips or do another survey – “how can we improve?”


The obvious – Halloween. Offer safe trick-or-treating. Hold a custume party and take a picture of the staff.

Others – On Do Something Nice Day, have the staff volunteer somewhere or offer a coupon to your customers. October is Family History Month. Share your staff’s families.


The obvious – Thanksgiving and thanking your customer.

Others – On Forget Me Not Day or Kindness Day, offer a discount because we didn’t forget you or we’re being kind. The day of Daylight Savings, offer a special for one hour – the hour they “save.”


The obvious – Christmas and wishes of good tidings.

Others – On Bake Cookies Day, share recipes of employees’ favorite cookies. On Green Monday, share how your business promotes sustainability through green business practices.

There are 36 or more ideas! That should help you along this year. And next year. And next year. And…

If you need assistance setting up your email marketing program or managing it, feel free to contact us.