What were your peers reading in 2018? Of the top 10 most-read blog posts by Back To You Marketing, only one was not about social media or email marketing. Video content ideas was the 7th most read article this past year.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Counting down the Top-10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2018.

#10 – Social Media Check-list for LinkedIn – In this post, we provide a daily and weekly check-list for the busy marketing person that wants to stay up-to-date on LinkedIn.

#9 – Before You Hit Send Email Checklist – After a mistake with our own email, we prepared a check-list for you – and us – the review before we hit ‘send.’

#8 – Social Media Checklist for Twitter – Similar to the check-list for LinkedIn above, this check-list is obviously for those of you that tweet.

#7 – 20 Easy Video Content Ideas for Marketing – With the increased focus on video marketing, we brainstormed 20 ideas to make videos about. (We have 22 more ideas here.)

#6 – 7 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing – Put the power of the two marketing programs together! Integrate your social media and email marketing.

#5 – Five Things You Should Be Doing on Social Media, But Aren’t – While almost three years old, this article is a steady reminder that there’s more to social media than “post and run.”

#4 – “E-Newsletter” Boring! Re-name It. 30+ ideas for re-naming your “newsletter” – We’re marketing people. We’re creative! Get creative with the name of your email campaigns. Anything but “newletter.”

#3 – Facebook News Feed Changes – What It Means and 10 Directions to Take – With the massive changes to Facebook the start of last year, this makes sense it was well read. Oh, and if you didn’t incorporate some the changes last year, you can start this year.

#2 – An Email Marketing Plan for RV Parks – Gotta admit, this one surprised us. Especially due to it being specific to one industry. We wrote it by request for Camp Colorado – the RV association, but with a little tweaking, this can be a plan for any business or industry.

And now…


#1 – 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas – Ever sit at the computer, stare at the screen and wonder ‘what do I post today?’ With this being the most read blog post, you’re not the only one. 21 creative ideas for Facebook posts other than “buy this.”

Thanks so much for reading! If you have ideas for articles, please share them. We want to be writing about YOUR needs and answering YOUR questions.

Let the 2019 countdown begin!

Stephen Koranda and the Back To You Marketing Team