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Social Media Checklist for Facebook

Social Media Checklist for Facebook

As we look to keep up with social media daily, unfortunately, some weeks we are lucky if we are able to get to every outlet and give it the attention they deserve. Facebook comments. Messenger. Tweets we’re tagged in. Replies. Messages. Sharing our own comments. Following new people to expand our networks. Liking. Retweeting. Sharing. How do we keep up with it!?

Through a series of posts, we will provide a simple, weekly checklist that will allow you to remember what to do each week on or with each network. Create the to-dos each week. Knock them out. And see your business expand.

Our first Social Media Checklist was for LinkedIn. This checklist is for Facebook – the most popular social media outlet with more than 2 billion users. All demographics are on Facebook and on it a lot – 40 minutes per day. Advertising is affordable at an average of $5.99 per thousand impressions and can be highly targeted. Facebook should clearly be a part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s your weekly Social Media Checklist for Facebook:

  • Post a few times a week, if not daily. Share friendly content – fun pics, quizzes, trivia, posts that will entertain and involve your audience. Share information or how-to posts. And, of course, promote your services or products (but don’t be obvious.) Be sure to use call-to-actions. The best CTA? Click thru to your website.
  • Check your notifications for comments on your posts or any shares of your posts. Like the comments. Respond to them if needed. Even if it’s a simple ‘Thanks.’ Like the shares. It’s the ole “reward positive behavior.” If you’re recognizing their interactions, it will encourage them to repeat the action.
  • Scroll through your posts. Facebook isn’t perfect and from time to time, we find that not all interactions are reported in Notifications. Look for comments and shares. Interact as suggested above.
  • Glance for any new reviews. Like the review and respond to them – especially if it is a negative review. Show that you are engaging and working to correct the matter.
  • Invite people to like your page. One of the best new features is the ability to scroll through any interactions (likes, ha-has, sad face, etc.) and invite those that interacted to like your page.
  • Find and like a page. If your business is B2B, “share the love” and like a client’s page.
  • Comment on two pages. It may be as simple as ‘Congrats’ should a client share good news. It may be an opportunity for you to show your expertise and provide some guidance. Comment on other pages to expose you and/or your brand to others on Facebook.

Schedule 15-20 per week to address these seven to-dos. You’ll see your engagement increase, network expand, reputation grow, website traffic increase, and your business GROW…

Thanks for reading.

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