As we look to keep up with social media daily, unfortunately, some weeks we are lucky if we are able to get to every outlet and give it the attention they deserve. Facebook comments. Messenger. Tweets we’re tagged in. Replies. Messages. Sharing our own comments. Following new people to expand our networks. Liking. Retweeting. Sharing. How do we keep up with it!?

Through a series of posts, we will provide a simple, weekly checklist that will allow you to remember what to do each week on or with each network. Create the to-dos each week. Knock them out. And see your business expand.

So far we’ve provided Social Media Checklists for LinkedIn and Facebook. This checklist is for Pinterest. A lot to keep up with as there are more than 50 billion pins and 1 billion boards. The 175 million users are a surprising demographic mix. Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram. Thus, a majority of active pinners are under the age of 40. And while 81% of the users are females, 40% of the new signups are men. With Millennials and men added to the Pinterest mix, it should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s your weekly Social Media Checklist for Pinterest:

  • Create a new pin board relevant to your business.
  • Share news of the new pin board on your other social media outlets and in your marketing emails.
  • Add new content to your existing boards.
  • Encourage followers to Pin to your boards. (Be sure to say ‘please.’)
  • Follow three to five new pinners.
  • ADVANCED TIP: Always use appropriate keywords and hashtags in your pins, boards, and descriptions.

Schedule 15-20 per week to address these six to-dos. You’ll see your engagement increase, network expand, reputation grow, website traffic increase, and your business GROW…

Thanks for reading.