Three Oklahoma City social media professionals lent their voices to a panel discussing the state of social media and where it’s going. Allie Carrick is a strategist with Smirk New Media. Gina Yannarell, with Koch Communications, manages business development and traffic. Greg Newby does digital marketing, web and app development.

The dialogue, hosted by AMA OKC chapter, yielded a handful of takeaways to gain insight into strategies and tactics to consider moving forward.

Facebook – With Facebook reported suppresses promotional sounding posts, the panel was asked if Facebook is truly pay to play now. We were reminded that “we’ve had a free ride” on Facebook and surely most of us expected this day – paying for posts – would come. Should we advertise on Facebook? Yes! $5.00 has yielded 1 to 3,000 impressions for clients.

Highest Engagement? Video. To be most effective, post the video in the platform not a link to YouTube.

Mobile – with reports of 50 to 90% of access coming through mobile, it is recommended that your content be “easily consumed.” Your images, photos and video needs to work on many devices, networks and platforms.

Help SEO – Reviews now help SEO. You’ll want to push now more than ever for reviews especially on Google. Twitter and Google have reached an agreement that tweets are now part of search. Tweets become more tactical than ever as you consider keywords to include in your tweets.

Content Marketing – it’s HUGE! Quality content is first and foremost. Find your brand and who you want to be and the voice you want to share. Then create content customers are interested in and want to engage in.

Customer Persona – Every post should be a piece of content that matches your customer’s persona.

Linking Social Platforms – We’re all trying to save time so we link Facebook and Twitter. Problem is “I just posted a picture” and a link to Facebook is a bad tweet. What value does is spark for the community. “I just posted a picture” is of no value to Twitter. If you can’t cater your content to the different platforms, don’t connect them. If you’re strapped for time, post less but post platform specific content. “Quality vs. Quantity.”

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