Social Media PinBack To You Marketing is a marketing agency assisting small businesses with their marketing through social media. Admittedly we were taken aback when we read the first headline below. Read it and be prepared to have your entire though related to social media change…

Social Media Is No Longer A Marketing Channel, It’s A Customer Experience Channel

I talk about how brands will increasingly recognize that social media is no longer an isolated marketing channel used primarily to sell their product or service. What once served primarily as a platform to increase sales is now a meeting space, and has become part of the brand experience itself.

Creating Calls to Action for Social Media That Actually Convert

We’ll start with our top 5 hot tips for getting social media calls to action right, then we’ll dive into some examples to show you exactly how it’s done.

25 Worst Spelling Mistakes On Social Media

We’re not talking about the standard “their, they’re, there” slip ups, but the big messy ones.

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